Anathab logot Natural Habitat Adventures, we believe we have a crucial responsibility to help protect our natural world, and that conservation and exploration go hand in hand.

Our passion is to help travelers rediscover their connection to the natural world, while protecting it in the process. Nat Hab caters to a distinct kind of guest: one who shares our love for this planet, who is a seeker of life-affirming experiences, one who considers nature home—where you go to feel your most connected, inspired and alive.

A Total Northern Immersion, Including Dog Sledding & a Helicopter Ride to a Polar Bear Den
Eddy Savage 20180501 DSC 0735This expedition offers our most comprehensive encounter with the world of the polar bear and the Canadian North. Heated Polar Rovers take us onto the tundra in search of bears, and we watch them roam, play and interact, sometimes entertaining us at close range through large picture windows or from a thrilling perch on the outdoor viewing platform. But this epic adventure doesn't end there: we also helicopter in to a vacant polar bear den, take an authentic dog sled ride through the boreal forest, and explore the historic town of Churchill, enjoying cultural activities with local residents as we learn about life on the Arctic frontier. When night falls, watch for the northern lights—though never guaranteed, the mystical aurora is as frequent and vivid in Churchill as any place on Earth. "Ultimate Churchill" is the ultimate North!

C Whelan IMG 0642When you're standing on the outdoor platform of our Polar Rover, the chill Arctic air feels invigorating. But not as much as the sight of the huge polar bear ambling toward us. Sometimes they are silhouetted against the horizon, slowly moving shadows on the vast expanse of tundra. Other times, one may wander up directly below. Safely elevated, you're nonetheless just feet away as you look down on his shaggy, cream-colored bulk. Noticing us, he stops, sniffs and turns his face our way, curious. We grin with delight. The big bear rises on his haunches to peer at us more deliberately. We watch in wonder. Minutes go by, perhaps an hour, who knows? Out here among the bears, time stands still. Join us for one of nature's most wondrous wildlife encounters—no one does it better than Nat Hab.