Northern-Lights-1-green-sky-personIn the same land that hosts the brief, brilliant summer of beluga whales and the polar bears of autumn comes an amazing phenomenon that illumines the dark winter skies. The ethereal northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, meaning “north wind of the dawn,” brighten the night sky in a mystical display of color. Churchill, Manitoba has one of the heaviest concentrations of auroral activity in the world, making it a peerless destination for a northern lights tour. On this exciting Arctic adventure our days are filled with distinctly northern activities such as dog sledding, and our nights with the potential for the best aurora viewing on the planet.

Trip Highlights

  • Experience the wonder of the northern lights from the comfort of heated aurora domes in one of the most aurora-active places on Earth
  • Journey from southern prairie to subarctic tundra on the Hudson Bay Railway – there's no better way to sense the magnitude of the Canadian wild
  • Discover the traditions of northern First Nations peoples on an array of winter activities in and around Churchill

logo-nhaThe Best Way to Witness the Wonder of the Aurora!
If you’re planning a trip to experience the aurora borealis – the ethereal northern lights – it only makes sense to go where this phenomenon is seen more often than anywhere else on earth. On our trip to Churchill, Manitoba, our mission is to see the lights, of course, but we also discover this historic town and tundra on Hudson Bay in an intimate manner – in a small group, with an expert guide to enlighten you on northern nature and culture. Check out the many features that make our northern lights tour so special!

image and content source: Natural Habitat Adventures

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Caribou Discovery Experience

Spend a vacation around the wild grounds of Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge.

Arctic Haven is located on Ennadai Lake, one of the great northern lakes in the Canadian Barren Lands. The lodge in on the tree line; go north and there are no trees, go south and it quickly become forested, a location rich in wildlife.The lodge is in the path of one of great caribou migrations; the Qamanirjuaq caribou herd of more than 300,000 animals.

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Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge Adventure and Wildlife at 74°N

8 or 10 days. Spend a week at this unique Canadian Arctic Wilderness Lodge and world-class beluga whale observation site. Situated 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the lodge offers fully-guided opportunities for hiking, kayaking and exploring the Arctic tundra in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

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Great Ice Bear Adventure


Our Great Ice Bear Adventure is undoubtedly the most diverse and holistic wildlife viewing package offered anywhere in the world for polar bears seekers. It combines four days at our Dymond Lake Ecolodge, where many of the Arctic's most famous residents are seen and photographed on foot, with a one-day Tundra Buggy® tour in Churchill.

Go see some Polar Bears! 

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Iceland, Greenland, and Baffin Island: Arctic Circle Traverse with Quark Expeditions

This 18-day arctic adventure is an in-depth exploration of historic, remote regions of Iceland, Greenland and Canada, venturing to some of the most picturesque places on the planet.

These are untamed lands of glaciers and icebergs, where majestic ice-clad mountains and soaring fjords open dramatically into the sea. We'll be awed by massive bird cliffs, mingle with locals, wander abandoned settlements, soak in spectacular hot springs, and experience rare opportunities to get up close to arctic wildlife such as whales, polar bears and puffins

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