Rustic Ranch Romantics

Get on the back of a horse before relaxing in luxury facilities. Our Rustic Ranch itineraries have everything you need to finally disconnect from all the stressful things in your life. The remoteness of every single place, combined with luxury service and day-to-day outdoor adventures will make your journey to the roots unforgettable.


Bonfires, Horses and Spas! We are experts in customizing and creating unforgettable luxury holidays for you. Click through and find your dream vacation at one of our ranches!


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Backcountry Cowboy Adventure - Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort 

Be a cowboy in the Canadian backcountry!

At Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort, one of Canada's top luxury wilderness lodges, you will have your own oasis of wilderness solitude. Ride on the back of a horse through BC's vast landscape off-the-beaten path, go on guided eco-hikes and kayak on beautiful lakes. The luxury ranch provides everything desirable in life, from 5-star wilderness adventures, pasture-to-plate cuisine, to lavish safari-inspired accommodation.

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A Week at Echo Valley Ranch 

Reconnect with Canadian nature at a property full of rustic luxury. 

At Echo Valley Ranch it is all about the balance between the service of a luxury hotel and the care and comfort of a home. Spend a week taking in BC's beautiful outdoors. You will engage in different Ranch activities like horseback-riding, hiking or biking, but also rejuvenate while relaxing in the in-house spa-facilities. So what are you waiting for?

Take your kids and discover an authentic experience on a little slice of heaven on our big slice of earth!

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