Spend a vacation around the wild grounds of Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge. 

Arctic Haven is located on Ennadai Lake, one of the great northern lakes in the Canadian Barren Lands. The lodge in on the tree line; go north and there are no trees, go south and it quickly become forested, a location rich in wildlife. The lodge is in the path of one of great caribou migrations; the Qamanirjuaq caribou herd of more than 300,000 animals. Every fall, the caribou go south into the trees for the winter, and each spring they head north, many of them walking up Ennadai Lake to their calving grounds. Wolves and wolverines live in the very surroundings, depending on caribou. There are also barren land grizzly bears, black bears, and many types of birds, including tundra swans, golden eagles, jaegers, and more. The lake holds trophy size lake trout, northern pike and grayling. At different times of the year, it is possible to catch all these fish on a fly rod. The lodge is fortunate to be located at the just the right latitude for great northern lights viewing.


The Lodge

Years ago, travel to the Arctic meant sleeping in a tent on the tundra, with no electricity or hot water. The Arctic Haven Wildness Lodge is a testament to just how much things have changed and to the level of comfort—even luxury—that today's Arctic travellers can expect. Constructed in 2002, the Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge is located on Ennadai Lake, Nunavut, Canada. Nunavut, Canada's largest and newest territory, formally came into being in 1999. Positioned on the Arctic tree line, the lodge offers a level of accommodation that is the equivalent to that of a five-star hotel in Nunavut.


Your Adventure

• Arctic eco-lodge with full amenities
• Views of the vast and brightly coloured tundra.
• Sit amongst the autumn tundra colours and photograph
• Northern lights on clear nights
• Travel by aluminum boat on Barren Lands lakes and rivers
• wood-fired sauna overlooking the lake
• Caribou with fully grown racks swimming and on land
• Fishing for lake trout, northern pike, grayling
• Arctic wolves
• Other wildlife includes birds, wolverine, bears, foxes


A Suggested Fall Itinerary

Day 1 - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Enjoy an included night in Yellowknife and meeting your fellow travelers.


Arctic Haven

Day 2 - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
We'll meet early in the morning to board our private chartered plane to the Arctic Haven lodge. The flight duration to our destination is two hours. After you arrive: For those looking to relax and unwind, we are proud to offer a wood-fired sauna on the shore of our lake for your comfort and
enjoyment. For the keen fisherman, or avid learner, great trout fishing can be enjoyed just a short walk from the lodge. Each night at Arctic Haven is a chance to witness the northern lights. Virtually every clear night there is a light show in the sky.


Arctic Haven1

Day 3 - Arctic Haven Lodge
Breakfast, every day served at 8:30. Afterwards, we prepare to head out onto the waters of Ennadai Lake by 

boat. phic opportunities and even the unique experience of tracking and viewing caribou from the land. Majestic bulls can be seen on the shores, grazing andslowly making their way south. A lunch spread of soup, gourmet meats and cheeses, hummus and vegetables, and fresh-baked bread and sweets is served by your guides on the unique and picturesque beach on Paradise Island.

Caribou Haven1The afternoon is spent cruising amongst the islands to spot caribou with short walks on land to view them closer.  Our chef greets guests from a day of adventure on the Barren Lands tundra with a Canadian gourmet meal. For those wishing to perfect their aurora borealis photography skills, our staff provide an evening excursion beneath the northern lights to focus on capturing the green, red and purple shimmer as they dance along the evening skies. As always, the sauna awaits you at the end of a long day on the lake and on the land. Our staff are happy to fire it up for you at any time. A cooling dip in the lake under the aurora borealis is an experience not to be missed!


Day 4 - Arctic Haven Lodge
After breakfast we begin today’s adventure with a short, 20-minute boat ride to arrive at the shoreline where our hike to the Blind Hill esker begins. This 9-kilometre hike takes you from the soft and wet blueberry flats to a dry and well-worn caribou trail on the spine of an esker, to an open tundra ridge overlooking the lakes and land below. With your guides interpreting the flora along the way, the hike makes its way to a sheltered forest gully where another gourmet lunch spread is prepared for you.

An alternative option to hiking today is a fishing trip at Richard’s shoal and Grayling Rapids. At the shoal, trout like are abundant and Grayling Rapids offers an opportunity to fly fish for grayling.

The full day excursion is complemented by a gourmet meal that awaits guests upon arrival. This evening, a presentation on the Ahiarmiut of Ennadai Lake will shine light on the history and culture of the Inuit people who once called the lake home, hunting from kayak, living off the land and subsisting almost entirely on caribou.


Day 5 - Arctic Haven Lodge
Today we board our boats and head to the North Arm exploring the far reaches of our lake where caribou are most frequently seen. Our lodge has a remote camp in this part of the lake and staying a night is an option, as it will give you the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the remoteness of the Barren Lands. Here we dine on another great picnic spread and guests are free to explore the island.

Our day includes a short hike up to Big Bear, the highest point on the lake. From the summit, a truly awe-inspiring panoramic view is enjoyed and guests are given time to explore, relax and take in the scenery in solitude. We embark the boats yet again in search of more caribou, which if given the opportunity, we will try to stealthily approach from land to get a better view. This evening, after another spectacular meal, photographer Nansen Weber, offers an informal lecture on his photographic experiences on the Barren Lands. 


Day 6 - Arctic Haven Lodge
Today we offer a range of activities, using our cabin outpost as a central hub. We board the boats for a 40 minute boat ride to Cabin Island, where guests can disembark and explore before choosing their activity for the morning. Optional activities include; kayaking amongst the islands, fishing from our boats at nearby shoals and visits to archaeological sites in the surrounding area.

The pace today is relaxed and all about taking in the surroundings and everything the islands have to offer. There is something for everyone! After returning to the lodge and enjoying another healthy and hearty meal, we invite you to attend a short informal presentation on the Mythology and Folklore of the Aurora Borealis. This talk is a labour of love and inspired by stories from around the world about the northern lights and their relation to the living on land.


Arctic Haven2

Day 7 - Arctic Haven Lodge
Heading south into the tree line, today’s excursion starts with a short boat ride up the Kazan River - one of the largest rivers on the Barrens. For the more adventurous, there is a spectacular 7 km walk along the eskers, following caribou, moose and wolf tracks that takes us back to Birch Bay on Ennadai Lake. The walk normally takes about four hours. After lunch, guests are given the opportunity to try a final hand at fishing for arctic grayling.

After dinner guests are welcome to join Arctic Haven guides for catch-and-release arctic lake trout fishing. The shallow beach on the shoreline in front of Arctic Haven is excellent for lake trout at sunset. 

Today is the last opportunity to take in the northern lights! Cozy up in a blanket on the front deck Muskoka chairs and enjoy a glass of fine Canadian wine as the lights begin their show


Day 8 - Arctic Haven Lodge
By their last day in the Barren Lands, guests are familiar with the area of Ennadai Lake and Arctic Haven Lodge. Today we offer a short hike following the caribou trails on the esker near the lodge. We return to the lodge for a hearty lunch and guests are free to relax for the afternoon before the plane arrives. In the late afternoon, the plane will arrive to take you back to Yellowknife. Upon arrival in Yellowknife you will be transferred to your included hotel.


Day 9 - Yellowknife 
Today you can make you way home at your leisure or spend some more time in the Yellowknife area.


Contact us for more information on this unique experience email us or call 1 800 745 7753


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