Style of Travel: A Boutique Expedition by Water

As we have come together at Maple Leaf Adventures, we have created a different kind of trip for you, where you can truly experience the best of life on the coast, as a guest of expert locals and naturalists.

Enjoy the friendship of great residents. Smell the sweet coniferous forest as you step ashore. Feel the rhythm of ship and ocean as you steer the ship. Taste the flavour of huckleberries or freshly caught prawns. Hear a whale’s sharp inhalation of breath before it dives.

Our purpose is to give you the best of the coast, while also supporting the conservation of its ecosystems and cultural fabric. Our mission is to show that the best travel delights the mind and senses and can enrich, rather than harm, the places we visit. Care and attention to detail are at the heart of all we do.