Visit the eastern edge of North America with us! On the East Coast of Canada spiky icebergs raise out of the waters of the North Atlantic, and an abundance of wildife breathes the frosty air of the barrens. Our Wilderness Lodges are the perfect base for adventures in these untamed lands. In being well furnished with luxury suites and amenities, they will shelter and rejuvenate you after long days in the outdoors. You will meet friendly folks, experience their hospitality and follow them on guided tours in the area. The rugged and bountiful terrain bursts with flora and fauna. Our lodges and their staff will do everything to immerse you in the local lifestyle from sunrise to sunset. 

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Seven Seasons on Fogo Island

Visit one of the four corners of the Earth!

Start your trip to Newfoundland in St. John's, the oldest city of North America, before you visit Fogo Island, an outpost in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. At the edge of the North Atlantic, at a place that has seven seasons, you will immerse in the island life of the locals.

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