Visit one of the four corners of the Earth!

Start your trip to Newfoundland in St. John's, the oldest city of North America, before you  visit Fogo Island, an outpost in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. At the edge of the North Atlantic, at a place that has seven seasons, you will immerse in the island life of the locals. Listen to stories from the people who lived on Fogo Island all their life, hike the coasts and embark on excursions to see majestic icebergs. 

FogoIsland IcebergsFogo Island Inn has a bold, thoughtful, humanistic contemporary design and luxury suites and facilities throughout the building. In combination with the exceptional hospitality of the people and the rugged beautiful landscape, the destination Fogo Island Inn is one of the best experiences luxury travel in Canada has to offer. 

Your Adventure:

Day 1: Arriving in St. John's - Private SUV Transfer to your hotel - Evening at Leisure - Accommodation at Murray Premises Hotel


Day 2: Guided Tour exploring St. John's or Ferry Island (your choice) - Afternoon at Leisure - Accommodation at Murray Premises Hotel

Day 3: Private SUV transfer to St. John's Airport - Flight to Gander - Charter flight to Fogo Island - Private transfer to Fogo Island Inn - Accommodation at Fogo Island Inn

Day 4-8: Activities on Fogo Island 



  • Iceberg excursions
  • hiking
  • cod-fishing
  • wildlife-watching
  • etc.

Day 9: Private charter to Gander Airfield - Flight from Gander to St. John's - End of your journey